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Specialist Consultation

Physicians who practice Specialty Care focus on specific health needs of patients. At Capitol Hill Clinic/Hospital, we provide services for In-patient referrals, and Out-patient clinic consultations. Because our clinic offers various treatments from cosmetic care and facial rejuvenation to surgical weight loss and breast augmentation treatments, each person who comes here is individually treated starting with the first need assessment consultation.

During the consultation you will discuss details with the Capitol Hill Clinic/Hospital's specialized doctor about your medical history, affections that need to be treated or the body areas that need correction or improvement. After this specialized appointment, together with the aesthetician you will choose the treatment that best suits your health and beauty, either aesthetical surgery treatments or other types of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that will give you the results your desire

We have specialist doctors who are specialized in medical cosmetics and aesthetic surgery who will help and guide you towards the most

efficient treatments. So, you can choose the most suitable treatment for your self starting from anti-wrinkle treatments to lip or breast augmentation or surgical treatments for body shaping or body rejuvenation.

The advantages and the results of these aesthetic procedures and cosmetic treatments as well as other treatments that are performed in our clinic by our specialist doctors will bring back the smile that you once had and help you regain your confidence. With the minimum discomfort and with maximum safety you can embrace a renewed, beautiful, young and bright skin. Also, through surgical weight loss treatments such as liposuction, gastric balloon and abdominoplasty or non-surgical aesthetical treatments like body shaping and cellulite elimination through esotherapy, you will be able to pride yourself on your new enviable figure.

We also offer Professional Specialist Consultation on all the following services:

  • E.N.T. Services
  • Neurology Services
  • Dental Services
  • Paediatric Services
  • Obstetric & Gynaecology Services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Dietetic Services e.t.c.