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Medical Certification

Capitol Hill Clinic / Hospital is also endorsed by various relevant bodies to train and issue relevant medical certificate to qualified personnel. We follow strict standard / measures imposed on us by these relevant bodies. certification is the assurance of goods' conformity to the existing standard-technical documentation, conducted by the 3rd party (the accredited body of certification).

Capitol Hill Clinic / Hospital Is Accredited To Issue Certificates On The Following Programs:

  • SEAFARERS Medical Examination for NIMASA
  • FITNESS TO WORK (FTW) for SPDC Contractors
  • FIT FOR DUTY (FFD) for CHEVRON Contractors
  • FITNESS TO WORK (FTW) For EGTL (Escravos Gas to Liquid) Project

Quality of services is a prior consideration for our company so these services are specially designed in accordance to our clients’ specifications. Our experts interact with the clients and analyze their needs and offer services accordingly.

Our clients can avail these services with customization in accordance with the specifications and of the clients that enable us to meet their utmost satisfaction in all the aspects.

Since the establishment of Capitol Hill Medical Certification division, we tried endlessly to make quality services our fundamental priority. We are committed to providing top-quality services while meeting strict standards that are imposed by the global standards authority.