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Dietetic Services

Cases of young people acquiring chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc are increasing. Therefore, it is important to promote healthy eating habits to the public. In line with the government’s primary healthcare treatment and prevention project. The Dietetic service is available for all inpatients and outpatients during their treatment.

The aim of the service is to ensure that referred patients' nutritional status or symptoms are monitored, maintained or improved wherever possible. At Capitol Hill Clinic / Hospital we have Dietitians that have the professional knowledge and experience to establish nutritional needs and to recommend appropriate nutritional treatment for referred patients.

These Dietitians at Capitol Hill Clinic / Hospital will evaluate and monitor dietetic intervention to help ensure a positive effect on patients' nutritional status, aid the recovery process, control symptoms and improve wellbeing. Goals or care plans for

nutritional or dietetic treatment will be realistic and agreed with the patient, or their careers. Dietitians work co-operatively with other members of the multi-disciplinary team to integrate the patients' nutritional treatment into their over-all care.

Dietitians at Capitol Hill clinic / Hospital offer expert nutritional advice on the following specialties:
Allergy • Anemia • Bloating / abdominal discomfort • Cancer • Constipation • Critical Care • Diabetes • Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) • Eating disorders • Gastrointestinal disorders • Gout • Gynaecological disorders ( PCOS) • HIV / AIDS • Hyperlipidaemia (High blood fats) • Heart disease and high blood pressure • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) • Irritable bowel syndrome (lBS) • Kidney disease • Liver disease • Malnutrition • Neurological disorders (Stroke, MND etc) • Pre / post operation • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies • Renal disease • Weight gainWeight loss